faq-iconWhat is a Walk-in, Urgent Care facility?

It is an alternative to the Emergency Room and your family doctor for minor injuries, ailments, flu shots and physicals.

faq-iconWhat are the benefits of Indian River Walk-in Clinic?

First and foremost, you get top quality care from a professional medical staff. You also save time. Most patients are in and out in less than an hour. You don’t need to make an appointment or wait weeks to see the doctor. Just walk in. Lastly, our charges are far less than emergency room charges, even if you have insurance.

faq-iconCan I come in if I am having a medical emergency?

It would be better to call 911 and go to the hospital. But if we are the closest option, come in and we will call 911 for you and monitor you until they come.

faq-iconWhat kinds of tests can you perform?

We are equipped to draw blood, perform a complete physical, con- duct an ECG test, pulmonary function test, drug test and many others. Please call first if there is a specific test you would like us to do.

faq-iconDo you have x-ray facilities?

Yes. Also, we always get a second opinion so you can be sure our determination is accurate.

faq-iconCan you do a work, sports or school physical?

Yes. This is routine for us and you do not need to schedule an appointment.

faq-iconHow about if I’m injured at work? PLEASE CLICK HERE

We have agreements with many employers to send their employees to us for work-related injuries. Ask your risk management supervisor or human resources department if you can come here after an injury.

faq-iconDo you have a specific work related health program?

PLEASE CLICK HERE to see this service.

faq-iconDo you care for children as well as adults?

Children are more than welcome anytime. We even have a playroom to keep them amused and occupied during your short wait.

faq-iconWhere are you located?

In Miracle Mile Plaza
640 21st Street
Vero Beach, FL
Phone: 772 299-1092

faq-iconWhat are your hours?

Open 8:00 am to 7 pm Weekdays (through end of April)
9:00 am – 5 pm Saturday
11:00 am – 5 pm Sunday

faq-iconHow much do you charge?

There are many different procedures that may be necessary so we cannot list all our charges here. Our standard charges are based on a fixed percentage of Medicare allowable charges so they are consistent across the board.

faq-iconDo you accept health insurance?

Yes. We accept virtually every plan including, Florida Blue, Humana, United, Aetna, Medicare, Medicaid, Coventry, Cigna and many more. Your plan may have an Urgent Care provision. Please check to determine your co-pay and deductible requirements or just ask us to verify coverage when you come in.